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It's been extremely intermittent posting, but I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Not quite sure whether I managed to retain any of the few regular readers I ever had, after such an absence. Just in case, I think I owe you an explanation. 

Q4 2015 was a nightmare in many dimensions. 

I spent 90 days home alone - as Enrique had to travel to South Africa for work. You can imagine how it is, to go from living with someone for the last 8 years and suddenly having him vanished from your life. On top of that, I had an abnormally busy quarter with several trips to Asia and around Spain, long working hours (typical of the year end) and the extra load of missing his support at home. I was forced to leave Byakko with my parents, as my work trips come along an extremely short notice - sometimes it's confirmed on Monday that I'll be flying out on Saturday - so I cannot risk leaving him alone for a week, as a bengal, he would get depressed.

Those of you who follow me on instagram may know that right after Enrique landed back, we went on a 3 week holiday - which was the first long holiday of 2015, by the way. Then came one weekend in Granada and another in Madrid. So here I am, trying to go back to my routines while handling the anxiety associated with the countdown to "VISA ready" aka day when he'll be shipped back to South Africa, for up to another 90 days. Anyway...

Last fall felt, at some point, like trying to juggle more balls than what I can handle. So I dropped this one. Not really proud about it, ticking at the back of my mind ever since. Leaving trace of my trips, hoping to help others as well as writing down my many neurosis (you can laugh but it's the truth) is important for me. It provides a sense of creative achievement, sanity and nostalgia - when I sometimes sneak back in my own past in this little virtual memoir.
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