Tokyo - Previous life snapshots, day one

Shibuya snapshots
2017 started with a lot of travel. Thailand, Indonesia, Thailand (again), China and finally, my beloved Tokyo.

It's been a fortunate week, starting from the lovely weather last and this weekend, through discovering that Monday was National Holiday. Managed to meet some old friends from Japan as well as new friends from Spain, in Japan. Went through a lot of feelings, mostly opting for being alone - some might think it's weird, I tend to isolate myself upon this level of emotional stravaganza.

Tokyo, always in my heart. The top place to visit and live, the city that beats all other, somewhere I dream with coming back to, sooner or later. The place I wish you all to experience as thoroughly as I do. Still, this trip was special. I did not feel "desperate to come back" as I was 2 years ago. I was warmed by the good memories, inside and outside the office, with the many friends we made here, as well as those who dropped by to visit (including our closest family). Places matter yes, but so does the people you share the experience with.

Tokyo is great, but it is not the same without Enrique.

I am about to leave for dinner, flying out tomorrow morning. Next week will be challenging, flying again on Friday. So Iwanted to put these emotions down in writings. Both because it helps me handling them and also in order to remember them well. Here come some snapshots from last Saturday. Shibuya remains as pretty and exciting as we remember it.

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