Salento - Baia dei Turchi

Salento, Baia dei Turchi

If the weather is windy or you are up for an easier day, involving lettini e ombrelloni over a sandy beach and few spots to buy food and drinks, Baia dei Turchi is your pick. Like it is the case for many beaches in this coastline, sandy areas are surrounded by rocky ends where increased privacy awaits along with a spiky base. The choice is yours! This is quite a tranquile beach that may advisable for those who bring kids along.

Local recommendation is to park in 2 Palme parking. Just drive along the road till you find a sign with palm trees, where you can turn and park, map below.

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Salento - Aperitivo at Skafé

Aperitivo in Salento, Skafé

What's perfect wrap to a long beach day in the south of Italy? Regardless of Enrique's attempts to get us all to do a MURPH, we opted for aperitivo at Skafé.

From the Moët in the fridge, through the unpretentious industrial seating arrangement amid Mediterranean wilderness, to the breathtaking views, this place is a winner. Just make sure to drop by. Here's a map, thank us later.

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Salento - Porto Miggiano

porto miggiano

Porto Miggiano is one of the most memorable spots I've seen in the last years - despite various travels around the Caribbean and South East Asia. It's the almost hidden location, the vibrant azzurro, the wilderness (you'll have to bring water, food and anything else you need to survive, as there's literally nothing but pristine waters and few rocks to lay on down there) that make it so magical. As you access through broken stairs and fences, down to that bunch of rocks half covered by concrete, you wonder about the background story.

Lucky us we had Fabri. Friend, Salentino native and guide during those days, he explained that while the original plan was to build some saltwater pools, environmentalists managed to stop it, leaving the spot half finished but notoriously amazing, just like many other things in Italy I have to say.

There are a bunch of parking spots near the beach, maybe the easiest is to drive towards 19 Summer Club, park and walk towards Porto Miggiano Beach in the map below. Bring water, sunscreen and snorkeling gear, the rocks are home to a bunch of cool fishes.

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