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We go together.

grease wedding
Looks like a Grande Finale, when it was just the beginning.

Last Saturday, our Princess Virgi got married and thanks God, we were ALL reunited :D

Two years without meeting Dani or Alvarito face-to-face. Time flies. I don't seem to be a very good pilot. I love Asia. To move to Japan, opened up many doors, in many ways. A chance to deep dive to a level where you kind of understand a new culture. Despite it may break down everything you expected, into a million pieces. Tough shit, is what makes you grow. Here I return, as a maybe quieter person with enhanced empathy and ability to read the situation, besides hundreds of Japanese characters :)

Nothing comes for free. Indeed, I missed many things. It's interesting to watch that memorial video Pablo prepared for the wedding. The last 3 years, I wasn't here at all. Neither during Vacation, nor in the Graduation, the Pilar Festivities of our hometown or NYE. I went from core team member to words through Whatsapp. In a different timezone, to make things even worse. It hurts. Cause I'm soon 30. Time won't come back. Babies growing inside the chicks around, while I sometimes wonder whether it was too early, for such a shock... Opportunities are like trains though, don't easily come back if you chose to miss them.

Anyhow. Instead of regret, I chose to look forward. Leverage on the joy of meeting them, of having so much fun. Looking forward to the next time. Creating opportunities for more, still amazed by how they managed to keep me alive... It hadn't been a short day for me, but they kept me flying on the wings of love.

MY time
 8:00 - Left the hotel in KL
10:00 - Dry-run, lunch, car ride
15:00 - Customer meeting after prayer time,
17:30 - 2h drive back to the city
19:30 - Last Malaysian dinner with a colleague
21:30 - Arrive to the airport, a long queue at passport control.
23:40 - Plane leaving

EU time
 6:00 - Plane arriving to Schiphol (12h flight & 10h sleep on me)
 6:55 - Plane leaving to Madrid
09:30 - Landing in Madrid
10:00 - Riding EXPRESS bus to Atocha
11:15 - Realizing that the 11:30 train was full
12:30 - Getting on the AVE
14:00 - Arriving to Zaragoza
18:00 - Make-up time
20:00 - Wedding

{NO wine - I was NOT drunk - still there I was. Whole night, completely fine. Energized by them}

5:30 - Maria dropped me home - as the TAXI didn't show up.

It's the people who make the party. When it truly comes from the heart, looks as awesome as this one.

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Anonymous said...

Todos lo hacéis fenomenal, pero voto por la rubia con coleta y shorts. Saltar con esos taconazos tiene mucho mérito!!

Anonymous said...

Chulísimo! Yo voto por la que hace de Cha Cha DiGregorio. El traje está super conseguido! Una boda espectacular! queremos ver más :)

Vicente Vázquez said...

Soy abstemio! Jajaja.

Clau said...

La verdad que María es (y estaba) espectacular con el vestido de Pablo, diseñado para la ocasión. Creo que al final, gana ella o Dani o los dos juntos ejjeje

Clau said...

Las copas para los bailarines hombre!!!

Clau said...

Sonia fue la única con valor de ir con palmeros... Aunque Raquel tb estaba bailando con tacón de aguja (si os fijáis en la chica de negro y rojo jejeje)

Anonymous said...

Yo también voto por la que hace de "la mala de baile" o Cha cha. Por momentos te hace olvidar a la original!

Anonymous said...

Bueno, rectifico, por ella y su pareja. Por qué todos nos fijamos sólo en las chicas?

Clau said...

Porque con ese vestido y ese pelazo (por cierto, color y volumen 100% natural) de lado a lado es casi imposible ver a Dani, pese a que esté ahí, dándole vueltas.

theROOM said...

Me encanta, porque es una boda de ser tu mismo, de volver al origen de quien eres, y de lo que te hacía disfrutar y sentirte especial antes de que la vida empezase a estar llena de obligaciones y preocupaciones.

Clau said...

De ser unas circas, que siempre fue muy divertido :) pese a las obligaciones, juntarnos es lo que da marcga atrás al tiempo...

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