Sik Sik Yuen, Wong Tai Sin.

Un templo tan extenso y enrevesado como su nombre, en el que perderte entre los topicazos rojoamarillos, faroles y dragones. Pero también sorprenderte con el apego que tienen en China a los echadores de cartas.

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The italian in Lan Kwai Fong.

DiVino is a cozy restaurant in the busiest district of Hong Kong.

There are many bars and tones of restaurants in Lan Kwai Fong, so the best is to walk around and listen to what you feel like for. Sitting al fresco, watching the couples go by Hollywood Rd didn't seem like a bad idea… Specially when Mediterranean deals are up for order.

Generally speaking, I am terribly sensitive to changes. One glass too much, one night beyond my greens and I'm done. I won't sleep, probably get sick and need 3 days to recover. That's why, after all my traveling I realized that there is no point on going beyond my comfort zone, as I'm gonna have to pay for it, soon after.

European cuisine (outside of Sweden) is usually a safe bet. They generally have some salad or (MY FAVORITE) grilled greens up for order. Keep it in mind if you are conscious about kcal, animals or simply too worried about food safety.

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New Territory: Sai Kung

De templos, pasamos a lo más crudo de Hong Kong. En Chuen Kee se sirve el marisco más delicioso de la península, en un entorno bastante kistch. Lo de cenar al fresco y pescar langosta lo hemos hecho todos alguna vez, durante esas vacaciones en el Mediterráneo.

Sin embargo, en Hong Kong, las cosas alcanzan otra dimensión. 

Para empezar, crían una especie de langostas sin cabeza muy extrañas que cultivan en botellas de coca-cola. Un vistazo a la pecera es suficiente para empujarte al veganismo.

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New Kowloon : Chi Lin Nunnery

Is the heart of the vast district of Kowloon that takes over the North of Hong Kong Island, the Chi Lin Nunnery breaks the scary spiky greyish mansion buildings as a colorful oasis of nature and peace. Such contrast is often much more dramatic in big Metropolis like Hong Kong. This Tang style complex is relatively new (from '98) but built without a single nail.

Residence of monks and designed to show the harmony of humans and nature, worth visiting.

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Hong Kong Skyline: Symphony of Light

They say the best things in life are free (or almost…).

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Hong Kong dining: Temple Street Market 「香港で 食べたい」

Hong Kong streetlights under the never ending rain.
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Hong Kong : Central & The Peak.

Bienvenidos a Hong Kong!

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