Curaçao : Top 3 beaches

Curaçao top 3 beaches

Despite picking warm locations as main vacation destination, we are not really beach lizards - neither can stand lying during hours doing absolutely nothing. We chose tropical locations because they open up for tropical hiking, amazing jungles, temples, water sports or diving. Of course sometimes we take a nap under the sun, but by no means is that the center of our vacation. Having said so, we explored the beaches of Curaçao trying to find the hidden gems.

The south of the island was rather disappointing. It didn't really feel like Paradise and it didn't feel like vacation spot either. Some beaches had huge scary boats anchored like 100m away from the shore. So you didn't feel like swimming or even staying.

Curaçao top 3 beaches

But the North West of Curaçao, boy that's another story... So here's a quick summary of our top 3 beaches.
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Tokyo : Junie Moon

Blythe doll

Junie Moon es la flagship store de las muñecas Blythe en Tokyo. Situada a más o menos un minuto de nuestra antigua casa en Daikanyama, es un sitio al que me llena de nostalgia volver, ya que el regalo de mi primer cumpleaños en Japón fue precisamente eso, una muñeca Blythe - con gafas de pasta negras incluidas.

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Curaçao : Le Gouverneur de Rouville

Restaurant & cafe Gouverneur de Rouville, Curaçao

Long ago I assumed it. We are not the kind of couple that does date nights twice a week or gets trunks filled with roses. But it's been 10 years together, different countries and things we've gone through, so I guess the strategy of keeping it simple must be quite a thing to consider - at least for people like us. Nevertheless, sometimes you just bump into these kind of places that do feel like a "date night spot" so you dress up and get the butterflies flying.

We basically discovered Gouverneur de Rouville restaurant in Curaçao because it is located right in front of Museum Kura Hulanda. We got captivated by the entrance to the garden, that felt like time travel back to Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Spot on. Abraham de Rouville was born in 1812 in the Netherlands and came to Curaçao in 1856 where he was working in the city hall - despite being educated as a doctor. 5 years later he took over as governor. The place where this magic restaurant happens is nothing but his former home.

The bar upstairs has that leathery gentlemen's club atmosphere, with cracked leather chester sofas and cigar aroma. The garden where we had dinner is the spot for romance. Reservations highly advised!

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