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Boxing Day.

Guess that it comes along with living abroad but, Christmas changed in here without me to realize.

Used to think that Santa came on 24th, at night, while 28th was a day to pull someone else´s leg. However, what I got, all over this weekend where great vibrations instead of sick jokes so, 28th became Boxing Day, to get gifts and to go back to the ring of life, in the shape of wishful fighter.

To feel awfully bad on a Friday night might turn into an unexpected chance for reflection to be welcomed - as someone said once, just a matter of attitude. Only being able to lay, bent over my tummy, paralyzed, with one thought in mind: How mindless is it to complain, to hide a smile without a reason for it? Once again, promised myself this to be the last. One year is enough though, I'd better start with myself, I'd better shut this complaining style, if I really wanna stop with it.

So no matter how rainy, Saturday felt sunnier, suitable for a re-start. Let´s begin with Open Issues, as it turned efficient at job.

This opinionated guilty had hurted, someone close whom - typical - became a collateral victim of my inward controversies. But hey! What's great about those who truly love is that they stay longer enough, always open to regrets. So I apologized. Accepted. Guess it's hard to imagine how does it feel to have that calm feeling that only your sea-blue looks give but, assume that just by being comprehensive, at this point, yours was the trigger for me to start coming back to the point, where I lost myself. The more I think of it, the more obvious is it. Not a matter of what to do for a living, but of the ones nearby - in an emotional sense - is that of happiness.

From blue eyes, to bubbling brown ones. Staying in the topic, those who are needed close - Don't they look like coming out of a magazine or something? They'll soon be, pretty sure about it, coz they were born to shine.

Although I love - and miss too - the time we manage to spend together, to hear incredible-but-true success stories filled with names as sparkling as the drinks to be sipped... I out of the blue missed what that requires. Stockholm turned me a bit more down to Earth, maybe is just my natural evolution, dunno. There might me nights you would love to stay out late while I'd rather be in, wake up early to just walk under the sunlight hand-in-cam while heel-in-flat. Weird, hurts somehow, just better to assume there lack of need to be exactly the same - we never were, anyway - to share laughter, understand and miss each other.

So, after an unforgettable night out that starting at a Zaragoza's Classic, Café Cantante El Plata, an old-fashioned cabaret that fortunately re-opened its burlesque doors and kept the old style - GRRRRREAT!! - this humble soul missed the owl - nightbuses in Zaragoza come 15' before than in Stureplan, what a schedule slip! - and walked, for quite a while, back home leaving the rest behind, filling with the lost glamour in this town our beloved COOL - still rocking with the BEST TUNES!

After filling an empty tummy with some turkey leftovers - from 25, not from the Far East :P - felt asleep, excited, waiting for Sunday - which I still love - to come.

Why? Coz Enrique would came home, to pick us up to Huesca and meet my 5-day old niece, Eva.

I got some additional presents I wasn't expecting for... Beside his warm kiss came some Claudia´s favourites, wine, chocolate and selected veggies - from their own crop in Valtierra, kinda funny name since väl means something like surely great på Svenska while tierra links to the place one has true roots to en Español - not to mention the David Report Thing.

But let me come back to my roots - not talking about the roots in the land, talking 'bout the roots in the man - meeting the girls and the family was as great as realizing how alike are we - the proud father, my cousin, Echeve and me.

Little Sara, turned into Princess Butterfly, felt a bit jealous of the tiny-as-a-nut Eva...

Nobody could help to stare when she came into scene - How does something like that come out of a mum's body? Isn't it amazing that she is so tiny but alive? Is that a hole? OMG!!! She looks exactly the same as Sara!!! -

So I gave my curly blond angel full attention, a Barbie-guided English class and she, in return, gave me her most precious creation, a true piece of art.

The Sara

The girl, more precocious than the 8 y.o. Calder with his first tridimensional creation (according to VOGUE Spain), masters the rainbow combination over the space as one can see.

Great days finish with amazing dinners over which one realizes how good and cheap food is in Spain, where students afford duck-ham and foie in PoP places like PULP

For my absent mind to recall this weekend, here comes the archive.

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Anonymous said...

Nena, has cambiado la foto! Me gusta con esta serie de fotos de ahora ...


Q te mando mil besos desde tu islita ...

Muaaa! Happy X-Mas


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