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They actually, come in trios.

Blue headphones isolate might you, while running upstairs frozen - partly due to wearing shorts in a chilly morning, partly due to the lack of warm water for your wake-up shower :_( - but men, Swedish girls are tough and my beloved Caroline is the toughest - and sweetest too - of them all.

The '85 kid, businesswomandesigner is studying architecture - in an amazing building - "Kinda Konsfack but messier" - with rainbow letters - what could I love MORE??.
Nice as she is, she invited me to share her desk during the morning - instead of being alone sitting in KTHBiB. Sure - and also glad - I accepted.

Everytime I met an architect - like it used to happen to me when I perceived the passion with Christopher talked about his projects, the shivers I still feel when seeing his pictures - everytime I step into one of this schools, go through a magazine... I get that bitter feeling, again and again.

Why didn't I know?
Why wasn't strong enough to realize about my interests, strengths and weaknesses?
What could make me happier than nothing else when I got to University?
Why engineering instead of architecture?
Why Zaragoza instead of Barcelona?

If I could turn back in time... I would pick what you did, my dear strawberry lover - you can still be creative, express yourself while working.

However, I didn't so I instead try to stand on what I know and develop new skills that bring closer the path I would like to walk thorugh. So I've just started to learn Flash. And this is my first creation - proud of it - to help my cousin's old fashioned trade:

{Still trying to get a free webhost to embed it afterwards}

But anyway, after a great day, it came a great afternoon.

Caroline showed me around, introduced me to her friends as the girl she was going to Spain with - fair enough - and asked me to come with Andreas - her sweet good friend - and shout at the iLife shop assistant.

Andreas, for whom Java is a coffee, is - almost - as lovely as Dani. He, as good architect, bought an Apple laptop. His HD broke down. Twice, actually. And he got a bitter suprise when realizing about the meaningless of guarantee and customer service at the time he was asked to pay 15 hundred :- just to try whether his data could be recovered.

Caroline proved to be a good lawyer too. Meanwhile I was going through the sales - Apple® silicone skins for iPod... Lovely NEON PINK AND ONLY 50:-!???! - and decidine to make the card shout a bit.

- Don't you make student discount on these, do you?
- No... - smiling - Just when you get a computer.

- Well... I'd empty your shop if I had the bucks.
- Until that moment, you can take it ;D

- Really? For free? For me?
- Sure!!

- WOW... Thanks :__D

As I always tell you... Happiness lives in small details.

Andreas will have to wait a bit to see if our complains get higher and we get the service - free of fee. Then, Caroline & me head to Konsfack and got juts in time for one of the greatest lectures I've ever been - that of course will have its own post, since it made me think so much...:

"INFINITE to FINITE" by Castello Hansen

Ring: 18 kt. gold, cibatool, paint & reconstructed corall

Brooch: 22 kt. gold, acryllic, oxydised silver & steel pins

The jewellery of Castello Hansen are reduced to a minimal number of principles and materials, and the early modernistic expression “Less is more” is somehow descriptive. The forms are clear, strong and definite, and Castello Hansen uses simple forms to explore space and the use of space. Due to the minimum range of materials the work draw the attention to the depth and the notable characteristics of the media. The aesthetic follows the strict rules against illusion. The jewellery simply exists.

artist statement
At the moment I believe that it is impossible to understand jewellery by the means of words. I regard jewellery to be purely visual and tactile media defined by it´s own phenomenology and as such only capable of communicating symbolically. Jewellery is it´s own explanation. If I have to say something about jewellery it must be via a metaphor: A piece of jewellery is like a keyhole situated in the wall of understanding ourselves. Looking through and across time and culture.

Getting back home under the sun, silver sneakers beside silver ballerinas, great conversation overall, glass of red wine to water some tasty red berries, green asparragus on the grill and, mummy on the phone.

The good life.

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