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Korean business

Should be spelled as "soju"

Hoy ha sido un día curioso, en el que me han instruido acerca de cómo comportarme en un entorno laboral Koreano. Va a ser extremadamente divertido, ver cómo reaccionan a una mujer joven, a sus transparencias coloridas y a su manera de honrar el rito en torno al Soju. Veremos cómo se me da lo de aparentar que bebo porque me a mí que dos tragos… Y muero!

As with other Asian liquors, drinking soju follows a distinct etiquette. It is normally served in a shot glass. If you are in the company of people who follow this tradition, keep these rules in mind:
  1. Drink soju by sipping it or taking it as a shot; both forms are appropriate according to soju etiquette.
  2. Hold your glass with both hands if a respected person is pouring the liquor.
  3. Never pour your own glass of soju.
  4. A glass should not be refilled unless completely empty and should be promptly refilled once empty; it is considered rude to not fill someone else's glass when empty.
  5. Giving the glass implies that the person is going to fill it and wants the receiver to drink. It is not obligatory to finish the drink immediately, but it is impolite to place the glass on the table without at least pretending to drink from it.
  6. Soju is consumed in group gatherings.
  7. When pouring soju for others, hold the soju bottle with the right hand. Keep your left hand touching your elbow or forearm.
  8. When receiving soju from others, place the shot glass in your left palm, hold it with your right hand and slightly bow your head.
  9. Younger adults at the table turn away and sip their soju if elders are present.
  10. If you don't wanna drink, say you're sick or that it goes against your religion

1 comment

Piper said...

Vas al final?

Ayy a mi me gustaria verte por un agujerito ahi ... jiji, los coreanos no saben q llega una super woman !


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