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Byakko 「白虎」: White Day Baby

bengal kitten
Byakko 「白虎」"white tiger", 4 weeks old.

As we learned last year, 14th of March is the day when (in Japan) man give their female colleagues chocolates. Last year, I received a bunch of them. Today, there was literally nothing by my desk.

Maybe I turned bossy - or just a bit more of a boss. 

Nja... Actually quite the opposite, I have the best colleagues ever   :)

Thing is. Not receiving chocolates today, made me actually feel "much better". Like the final proof.  Now it's officially accepted, I am one of them. No need to waste energy, money or bother about buying cute sweets. I am not different from any other guy in the team. And we are all way too busy, to waste time on this. Man, that was a good day.

2014, hasn't been easy so far. It hit hard so far, but also taught me an number of important lessons. 

In particular, what mum meant when warning "if I don't teach you to take no for an answer, sooner or later, life will." Sometimes, life is not fair. It hurts. It's not your fault. You couldn't have done any better. You could't try any harder. It's how it is. You just gotta take it. Hope for a U-turn anytime soon.

When a door closes, a window opens. A broken heart heals, another dream comes true.

I was hurt. Suddenly, Byakko came into the picture. Better said, will come in May - as he is too young to be separated from his mum. Suddenly, there is a new white light of hope. A new reason to fight, a lovely furry ball to look forward to, to cuddle with... Problems shrink, I start to smile again.

What's another stripe, for a tiger?



Anonymous said...

Que lindo el bengalí.

¿Conoces los Savannah?


Por cierto en Japón hay bastantes exposiciones felinas, en esta página puedes encontrar las fechas.


theROOM said...

Vale. Es DEMASIADO mono.... :D

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