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Mount Nokogiri 「鋸山」: Nihonji Temple route「日本寺」

mount nokogiri trail
Are you guys ready for a new walk?

Mount Nokogiri-yama 「鋸山」 is an impressive stone-mountain located in Awa, Chiba (North of Tokyo).

The Entire mountain is inside of the Nihonji Temple「日本寺」. The landscape is as wonderful as the views of Tokyo Bay, Boso Peninsula, and Miura Peninsula at the top of this mountain.

From the famous cliff spot, Jigokunozoki「地獄覗き」 which means "hell watch stand" it is possible to seethe bottom of the cliff from out standing rock. There are over 1,500 Buddha statues, great Buddha and great Kannon. Sakura trees and a lot to hike. It's just amazing to spend a gorgeous spring day.

Nokogiri the oldest Buddhism temple in Kanto, built in 725. The name “Nihon” (which is the also the name of Japan) was given by the Emperor Syoumu(聖武天皇).

While Chiba is located North of Tokyo, the best way to get there is through a ferry from Kurihama:
- Take Keikyū Kurihama Line from Yokohama or Shinagawa (ending at Miura Kaigan or Misakiguchi) - 30min
- Get off at Keikyū Kurihama - 20 min walk
- Walk to the harbor and board the ferry to Nokogiri - 40 min

Once you arrive at the other side of the bay, is just really easy. Pick a tourist map at "The Fish" restaurant and follow the trail uphill (alternatively, you can take the ropeway).

motorbikes in kurihama

mount nokogiri ferry
It turned very windy, but we made it.

mount nokogiri trail

mount nokogiri trail

The village at the bottom of the hill is really pleasant too, what Japanese call "a very local place" where trains pass every hour, as there is only one track.

mount nokogiri trail

It took a while, but eventually we found the beginning of the trail.

mount nokogiri trail

400m upstairs.

mount nokogiri trail

The usual rooted track, with many leaves and some muddy spots that make it somewhat slippery.

mount nokogiri trail

This mountain was cut for stone extraction, hence the sharp cliffs.

mount nokogiri trail

mount nokogiri trail

It's a lovely contrast, between the geometric cuts and the curvy plants.

mount nokogiri trail

Yes! Nihonji Temple 「日本侍」here we come :)

mount nokogiri trail


Once you cross the narrow entrance, the first thing to spot after the hike is the Hyakusyaku Kannon 「百尺観音」, a stone cave Kannon statue built in 1963. It's huge, colorful and peaceful, at the same time. Dedicated to the peace of the soldiers who died in World War II, it's 30m high, placed right below the Jigokunozoki.


Famous Jigokunozoki「地獄覗き」 here we come! Hiro-kun and myself are a bit afraid of heights, still, we did our best to spot the amazing view from the cliff.




From there, to the Tokai 1500 Rakan 「東海千五百羅漢」 which is the result of 21 years of work, of Kangoro Ono and his students spend 21 years to make 1,500 stone statues of Buddha and to be placed around the cliff of the mountain. It's amazing that they could achieve this level of detail, already in 1779. Notably, among all Rakan sanctuaries this is the biggest in the world.


Hyakusyaku Kannon

It doesn't end here... So keep walking with us and stay tuned for more buddhas & sakuras) coming up!

mount nokogiri trail

mount nokogiri trail


theROOM said...

Menuda caña que el estás dando al power walk, hija. Encima de ponerte en forma, haces turismo. Tú sí que sabes..

Clau said...

En forma todavía no estoy, pero estaré. Fue un buen domingo ;) como todos los que se pasan al aire libre

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