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Korean Beauty : Etude House is now global

etude house campaign

I usually make the most of the time when I come to Asia - read either Korea or close to Korean influence area, to do the bulk of my beauty shopping. Why? Because good skin is one of the key elements of Asian beauty, so the brands here have to compete in quality, price and packaging - the latter is the most probable cause of my weakness from anything coming from this side of the world. The thing is that I have been talking about all these products for years, about how fun it is to try uber cheao yet good sheet masks and my never ending love story with ETUDE House. But then what? Should you buy a plane ticket to try, or? Not anymore because...

ETUDE HOUSE IS NOW SHIPPING GLOBALLY!!! I just discovered today, when browsing their site trying to prioritize what to get tomorrow... Not only that, they are going global for real. ETUDE House started their own youtube channel where Korean girls teach you all their best tricks - subtitles available thanks god (see some videos below). Personally, I love how they explain their "basic 4-step beauty routine" (seriously, I read this in a magazine on the way to INCHEON airport in Seoul . what is basic about 4 steps?), the "tear drop eyes" and finally the "gradation lips". Some may suit our gaijin faces better than others but hey, If we don't try, we we'll never know!!!


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