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Johannesburg - Elephant Sanctuary

elephant sanctuary

Elephants are one of the 5 species called "the big 5" which appear featured in the different South African notes. With a weight of up to 7000kg, they are the largest and probably the most intelligent. Elephants are known to show empathy for dying or dead individuals of their species as well as self-awareness, with an intelligence comparable to primates and cetaceans. Besides using their trunk, ears and noises to communicate,they also rely on infrasound and seismic waves created by stomping their feet - then propagated through the leg and into the ear bones. This may alert elephants up to 30km away of an individual rushing away from a predator. They are native from Asia and Africa, but the largest species is based in Africa.

While ivory trade and habitat destruction poses a significant risk to these amazing animals, parks like the Elephant Sanctuary we visit today make a significant impact when it comes to creating consciousness and derailing crazy expectations over ivory. It shall however be noted that wild elephants with cubs can be extremely violent and should never be approached during game drives. Actually, Enrique had some scary experience in Kruger when mom elephant chased their car while they drove for 5min on reverse. Turn back if you see the babies...

Elephant Sanctuary [WEB]
There is one very close to Kruger, so you can score both during the same weekend.

elephant sanctuary
elephant sanctuary
elephant sanctuary
elephant sanctuary
elephant sanctuary
elephant sanctuary
elephant sanctuary

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