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Seoul food...

… is my soul food.

People often ask me if we do eat a lot of spicy stuff in Spain. So I always answer that those are Mexicans, not us. We do some oil, salt and garlic, that's pretty much it. However, I'm beyond the average Spanish taste and always willing to try something new. As long as it is not greasy or battered. So now you get it, right? I DO have a LOT of fun in these countries.

Seoul is a pretty amazing place to be, when you're curious about new things. So here come my highlights in terms of what I came across during these days. Actually, I would like to stress that it isn't only about what you get but the way you do it. The way everything revolves around food, the sharing, the little bowls, the refilling and the soju behavioral patterns. They all tell you one thing: Koreans are hard-working people who love to chill out with friends. Work hard, party hard and get yourself surrounded by those who make you smile. Talk, drink, eat, drink, talk and… Sing. Karaoke. Better than anyone else.

It is rare to see women around. Partially because most of them are just dieting but also because, that is not their place. Regardless how many flat huge touchscreens the country produces, the society is still stuck in old times' beliefs. Women shall not live by themselves, not even with well-paid job, but stay home until the holy marriage. Women shall always be stylish, pretty, good looking for whatever eye judging them by their appearance. Korean women are smart, pretty, stylish and strong. Much stronger than what these guys around think. They travel, study abroad but sometimes just come back to the same old business. It's strange to realize the extent to which you can decode a society, just by reading between the lines of what your eyes capture by strolling around. It's nice to come back with a story, as long as there's someone willing to listen.
So thanks to all you peeping and enjoy!

Korean chopsticks are metallic and flat. More difficult but cleaner. Actually, when comparing them with the "normal spoon" makes a lot of sense, as they are as flat as any piece of cutlery is.

Kimchi. Is my favourite thing in the world. Fermented cabbage with chillipowder, endless refills and uses as side dish of… Everything. Even in the plane, you get it!

Vegetables in Bibimbap - I got the rice in a separate box. Bap means rice, so bibimbap was the way koreans avoided throwing left overs: Mix them all up, add some rice, some Gochujang and done! The egg comes from later years, as before was so expensive that only the King could have it.

Dolsot bibimbap is the one coming in the hotpot. That black thing is a STONE pot which comes burning hot to the table. So good when you are freezing in the street!

Just for the record. Many people do not speak a word of english or have an english menu, so how do they get away with that? Easy peasy. Pointing menu outside. You look, try to figure out what's in there and finally, tell the guy. Cross your fingers and probably, you'll choose right!

Koreans have been invaded by Japanese rather many times. Being on the coast and having that cultural heritage is a great mix, to get an awesome fish-scene. Here a small & cheap Japanese place. Actually, the first place I went after leaving the suitcase in the hotel.

Yummy, huh? Only 7000W (about 4€)

Some Vietnamese style fresh rolls, to prove how soft'N'healthy asian food can be.

Another way of choosing what to order is to examine the awesome plastic models. I wonder who makes them?

The coolest thing though, aren't restaurants, but crazy food stalls of all sorts. Stroll around a shopping district and you'll come across… Anything!

Pork legs - should be shared.
Dried octopus, squids and round flat cakes made out of pressed dried little fishes.

Tasted a lot better than you imagine!

Jjinmandu - Steamed dumplings
Re-fried battered sausages.

Hotteok. It was cold as hell and therefore, quite nice to be near the boiling hot, regardless how smelly you ended up after that.

Anyone for dessert?

Heart-shaped orange
Fruit is what you actually would get in most of the expensive restaurants. But people do go for less healthier options while on the go.

Some guys making Kkultarae - learn more - also known as Korean court cakes, are actually made with honey. Thick, firm honey is stretched and pulled into strands, dipped heavily in cornstarch to keep the strands from sticking together, then wrapped around a filling of ground nuts. The finished product is made with 16,000 strands of very fine honey!

Turron-like snacks - with peanuts instead of almonds and ginger touch in the honey/sugar parts.

Let's take a sip of my favourites in there:

Corn tea drink - Like cold green tea, but with corn taste. Quite good for the stomach as well!

Yes, they do speak americano :P and japs know how to mix'n'up!

Last but not least, the place which felt like home to me: Family Mart or the Asian 7/11.

Cute packagings

…even for products to help you with your gases :P

Dried & salted seafood

Samgak gimbap. The triangular wonder! It's like a pyramid maki or something. I actually brought one for Enrique, he loved it!! Filled with rice and whatever else, are really convenient to carry and kill hunger with a not-so-manufactured healthy snack.
Gimbap, the round version. More traditional, less fun.

Boiled eggs. Quite popular actually, you could buy them alone, directly from a big big box.

… we finish as we started, right? With Kimchi!!! The Korean wonder, providing 80% of vitamin C and carotene your body needs. It truly is a lowCal super-food.


Piper said...

Nena eres una experta total eh !!!!!!!!

Me encanta !

Un besito

Anonymous said...

Un post muy interesante, me ha gustado mucho y me han dado ganas de ir a un super chino (creo que el pescado seco lo he visto :S)
Me alegro que el viaje fuese bien ;-)

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