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Airplane blues

There is something peaceful in long-haul flights which I look forward to - it ain't the food or the free wine. No. I wouldn't say that being stuck in a economy seat during 10h is nice, but there are two things that you get out of that. First, to change a timezone means that you will be awake while you should be sleeping. Second, the only productive thing to do during that time is to think.

So I kinda like this chance to gravitate between meditation & dream, during which I get to think about my fears, about the life left behind and the one about to start. It has been a lot during the last weeks. The vacation, the fake wedding for the family in Spain, the packing, the move, the people coming, the real wedding, my birthday, the fever plus all those farewells and tears dropped along the last two days.

There are butterflies in my tummy, flying around as I finally realize that I am - FOR REAL - going to spend a year in Tokyo. However, I am extremely reluctant to change, so I cannot help to be concerned about how will I react to these changes. Will my health (now quite balanced actually) keep up with it? Will I do well as a lady in such a men's world? Will I find routines that make me as happy as my promenades around Södermalm? Will Wassup and Viber finally work for mummy, so that we keep in touch? (...)

It is normal to feel like that, I tell myself. I can do this, I tell myself. Nothing is impossible, you just gotta try hard enough. That I know, for sure. So I will apply the same mindset for finishing the half-marathon (among other things) and everything will be allright. Since it is Fall, I guess that many of you face new challenges right now (starting University, becoming father, changing to a sporty life or learning to use Android). Just trust yourself.

Together, we can.


1 comment

theROOM said...

Me ha encantado el final! Es curioso como siempre has conseguido motivarme con una sola frase...

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