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Around My Daikanyama Corner

Tokyu Toyoko Tracks that I cross everytime I visit Peacock

Twone is a rental party place at the bottom of our building. How cool is that?

La Casita, one of the best Mexican places in Shibuya Tokyo [MAP]

Pancake Cafe [MAP] that awesome place we haven't tried yet… As it is ALWAYS FULL when we try to drop by for weekend breakfast.

If the past post was trying to show how does the local supermarket look like, this depicts what I see on the way back home. Tones of cool places to hang out and well, nobody to enjoy them with. Enrique just got away from working during the weekend - sigh. This could have been the big end for a stressful week, most days I ate dinner on my own, as he made it home way too late for me to wait without fainting. That's what a job in Japan is. The perfect way to develop yourself professionally, to grow and learn. But also to get lost on never ending assignments or that cold that doesn't seem to be willing to leave your body in the next 3 months.

Masks, suits, packed trains. Cool hood, nice payday. Salaryman awesomeness. 
The scariest of it all? That I do enjoy it. A lot.

Hace poco hablamos del súper del barrio. Así que hoy, me gustaría que vinieras conmigo de camino a casa. Nuestro edificio está rodeado de los sitios mas cucos de la ciudad, esos a los que la gente se desplaza el finde, para disfrutar en plenitud del descanso semanal. Aparte de los ya mencionados (Qu'il fait Bon o Mama Tarte) tenemos sitios famosos en Tokyo como el Pancake Café, que siempre anda lleno cuando tratamos de ir a desayunar algún sábado o La Casita, que por numerosas circunstancias (principalmente que los turistas, quieren probar cosas japonesas), todavía no hemos conseguido probar. 

Me gusta Daikanyama, tanto o más de lo que me gustaba Södermalm. Un barrio con vida, en el que ves gente pasar, restaurantes, tiendecitas, ambiente animado, por tarde que sea cuando llegas de trabajar. Prefiero vivir en un pisito pequeño céntrico que en un casona en las afueras de la ciudad. Será que soy muy de asfalto o como los gatos, que me gusta callejear.

Lo que más duele de este entorno es la soledad. El tener tanto que te rodea y virtualmente nadie con quien salir a disfrutarlo. Sí. Evidentemente, nos tenemos el uno al otro, que es mucho decir en el panorama de esta ciudad. Pero aún así, no puedo evitar sentir nostalgia y algo de dolor. Lo que quiero es empaquetar a todos mis seres queridos, para sacarlos a pasear durante esos findes tan maravillosamente soleados. Dios mío. Cada vez que miro el tiempo de Estocolmo me pregunto cómo lo pude aguantar durante 5 años...


Anonymous said...

Hopefully one day I'll get the chance to visit Asia. Your pictures shows a different way of know-how (at a business and a culture level).

I've met a guy last year who spent there a year working as a Men Design Manager for a fashion group and the way he describes his experience was completely different; he said "chinese people are the rudless people ever!". Guess he went there by his own and not engaged.

Thanks for your efforts, keep rockin' Claudia.


Anonymous said...


Clau said...

I guess that Chinese are just like French. People say they are rude. But as "lazy Spanish" who do everything by "mañana" you can never generalize.

Of course, people are more relaxed in Spain and well, dirtier in China than in Japan. But there are many lovely people from China as well as lots of hard-working Spanish.

So as usual, your experience depends a lot on what you're up to, who you meat and well, your general attitude. Since I have always been fascinated about this country, it is easy that my passion goes through the images over to you :)

Anonymous said...

That is so true! :)


Clau said...

* who you meet :P

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