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Cute Japanese Make-up 「可愛い化粧」

Cuál es el sueño que os podemos dar?  What's your dream and how can I make it true?

This was just too funny not to share with you guys. 

Making the most out of my Japanese skills, I found some screenshots from this TV show, where a bunch of school boys are asked: What's your dream and how can I make it true?

Answer? A PS3? A bike? A six-pack? NOT QUITE!!! Being the cover of a Japanese Teenage Gal Magazine called Popteen was what they most craved, you know feeling cute & loved for a day.

So here's where my ALLTIME FAVORITE TOPIC kicks in: Japanese make-up. 

Next time you think you saw a future wife prospect, think twice and make sure to wash hundred times, till you uncover the reality behind that mask muahhahahha 

Am I saying Japanese ladies aren't pretty? Not quite. Because they are. A lot. They are delicate elphes of clear skin and soft faces. And that's EXACTLY what this whole story of faking, hiding, pressure makes me so angry (and sad) at the same time.

Just that I still don't understand what's the point of so much fake stuff:
- Nobody believes that 3cm pupils are feasible in any human being
- Same applies for those scary green eyes (shit on the contact lense ad, trust me, ain't natural)
- Those extension eyelashes are a bit too long
- Same applies for the wig, eyelid glue & silicone bra creating a tit-like volume under your bikini.

IMO I see teenagers with model measurements going into the sea with shorts on (and leaving them on, even after coming out) Why is that? To cover their ass so the others cannot criticize O_O

Spain is the country of gossip, but seriously, at the beach we are free.

I wish one day, all these girls could visit a magic place like Formentera where NOBODY knows them and they KNOW that NOBODY knows them, get plain naked & free themselves up a bit. Come on, love yourselves ladies! Life's too short to spend it under a mask - irregardless how cute it is

Now, let's go to the funny teen-to-popteen-queen transformations of the day!

Ser portada de Popteen!

De conejito a belleza italiana.

Este se convierte en ídolo de masas, como una más de las AKB48

Rollerstyle beauty.

Genki kawaii onna no ko!! Que es algo así como chica maja y mona, weeeee!

Cool club lady.

Half-adult girl.

Girl ídolatrada de Shibuya.


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