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Kua Aina: Hawaiian in London.

kua aina london

Hoy que es Domingo, os dejamos con unas ideas para vuestro brunch resacoso. 
O una recomendación futura de un sitio donde descansar los pies tras un shopping spree en Oxford St.

kua aina london

Ahi Tuna salad.

kua aina london

Dani's sunnies.

kua aina london
Avocado burger.

Hangover Sundays call for a yummy brunch, so here's one tip: Put some avocado on it!

When we were in Tokyo, Kua Aina was a classic spot for everyday lunches, thanks to the mall near our office in Yokohama. This was a weekend classic too, avocado-infused burgers being a good hangover cure. They seemed new to most of us but, have actually been around for a long long time.

Kua 'Aina translates literally as back country but is typically used to describe an awkward person from the country. Being this an awesome thing for native Hawaiians, as it represents those who actively lived their traditional culture and kept the spirit of the land alive.

Kua ’Aina was opened in Hawaii’s North Shore (Oahu) in 1975. One of President Obama’s favourites when he drops by home state. These days, you can find a super-crowded one in Honolulu and many branches around Tokyo. See? How ironic is that. 2 in Hawaii - 17 in Tokyo. 

Kua'Aina core differentiator is probably the use of avocado in their burgers. Japanese go crazy about all things Hawaiian, as it reminds them of their best vacations ever OR of the trip they are still dreaming with... Dreams aside, for a nearly-vegan like me, Kua'Aina is also appealing. Avocado beats cheese, it's creamier, healthier and yummier - but hey, you can also have a cheese slice if you love it...

If you don't eat meat, there are super nice salads that remind of Hawaii too. Ahi Tuna, Mahi Mahi, you should try them!! Take-away also available for you to carry these and eat on the sun of the ultra-hip Soho Park.

We recommend:
1. Sweet Potato Fries (the frier was broken that day, but these are the yummiest fries you can ever have - hard to find anywhere else, actually I miss getting these at the market since I left Tokyo)
2. Avocado Burger (what made this place so famous)
3. Ahi Tuna Salad (order extra avocado and enjoy - cooked just as in Hawaii, slightly rare super juicy)

Kua 'Aina [WEB] [MENU]
26 Foubert's Pl
London, UK W1F 7PP
United Kingdom

PS: For businesses entering Japan, this obsession factor is what makes the Japanese consumer market so valuable (assuming that you're ready to cope with an exponentially growing and potentially changing demand) Millions of people, with money to spend, easily obsessed with things. iPhone tool 40% of the UE market. This phenomenon, is everywhere. Even with home perfumes. How many of you knew of Dr.Vranjes? Well it happens to be cult in Japan (they even had a flagship near home, in Daikanyama) but hardly known outside.


theROOM said...

La próxima vez que te vayas a Londres y te asientes en casa de Dani, llévame en la maleta.

Clau said...

Con tu talento deco, fijo que la dueña te acogía en el estudio. Mientras tanto, yo podría convertirme en el tercer gato y dormir en el maravilloso sofá.

Creo que no hice fotos, pero geniales también las estanterías todo a lp largo del techo y el muro donde estaba el espejo. Muy simple, muy eficaz.

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