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Tarifa「タリファ」: City of Wind「風の町」

Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
...seems quiet, at least when you start walking along.

For those of you based in Europe, having in mind to try an adrenaline-boosted water sport this summer: Stop thinking, start booking. There are affordable flights from all over the place to Malaga (Norwegian, Ryanair, AirBerlin to name a few). It just takes to rent a car. 2h and 15€ toll after, you are in Wind Paradise.

Tarifa is a small town in the province of Cádiz (Andalucia) on the southernmost tip of Spain. It is really located right there, facing the Straits of Gibraltar and Morocco. Its old town is super charming, the local tuna is excellent, Tanger is a 30min ferry ride away (perfect for a quick taste of Morocco). However, the success of Tarifa is mainly due to its wind, which is really stable for a place in the continent. Tarifa's winds are strong and well channelled, thanks to the tunnel effect that the Straits of Gibraltar provide, accelerating the air flow and securing water fun year round.

There are two prevailing winds, along a 50km coast of white sandy super-long beaches:
- Strong and warm Levante, blowing day and night from the East.
- Colder Poniente, blowing strongest in the afternoon.

We picked Hostal Tarifa, clean and convenient place, right in the main avenue. Sure, there are many apartments for rent and lovely apartments in the surroundings, but this makes shopping, parking, dining a lot easier. Something that really matters after a long and exhausting day by the sea. Prices drop (half) in off-season. Everyone's telling us that September is the best month to visit the area, with much less people but the same lovely weather. We will see for ourselves soon :)

Meanwhile, let's take a walk along Los Lances Beach
where letting a large kite make you fly over the sea is the thing. Kitesurf may have gained popularity in the last 20 years and safety, in the last 5. However, using kites to save fuel in cargo ships seems to be a practice much more common than one would imagine, at the first thought.

Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa
Kite surf Valedevaqueros Tarifa


theROOM said...

Me pone nerviosísima el viento en la playa, y quizá es por eso por lo que aun no he estado en las de Cádiz, aunque todo el mundo habla maravillas... quizá sea un plan chulo para un verano próximo, haciendo algún curso de algo, que no sé si con mi torpeza me irá muy bien :P

Clau said...

Las playas son una pasada, pero quizás no se trate del sitio perfecto para relajarte con un libro. Tambièn hay cursos de windsurf o de stand-up paddle, que suelen ser más fáciles creo yo.

Unknown said...

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