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The Notion of Uniform

workwear uniform

Only the accessories, give a clue on who we really are.


workwear uniform

When I lived in Japan, all salaryman「サラリーマン」would wear the same.
Streets in Tokyo are literally packed with men. They look exactly the same. Black hair, black suits, black shoes, white shirt. Equally polished (or drunk). Japanese kids are no different, as they wear uniforms until University. Just like in Sailor Moon. But why?

There's a Japanese proverb, saying that "the nail that sticks gets hit by the hammer"
In short, in Asia is not good to stand out. To be a working member in such culture, surrounded by suits and customers in suits, along with some mentor's advice to make an effort and try to fit in, boosted my fascination for uniforms.

Ironically so, Miuccia Prada launched her very first womenswear collection in 1989,  as "uniforms for the slightly disenfranchised." In a time when Versace and Supermodels boomed, girls on simple clothes must have appeared certainly, deprived.

Miuccia, the pioneer of Céline and the likes, ironically so hot in days of ugly sandals and white shirts.
The idea made it through, 25 years in the future. In my view, it'll never die. There's a power on having a minimal shield that makes it impossible for others to figure out who you really are. At least not, by the appearance. It is somewhat fun to hide a colourful persona behind a costume, in Black and White.

Here's my uniform (heels for customer, flats otherwise, barefoot home).
Made in Japan.

workwear uniform
Shirt - ZARA
Skirt - Le Ciel Bleu

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