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Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in.

Wish all days were sunny, to walk and smile under the bright light. Eat outside and shit on money, as nice weather and someone to enjoy it with is what makes your day. Unfortunately, I have a terrible hangover - cannot stand dinning at a friend's place :( - and the grey clouds tell me one thing 'not today'.

So I'll focus on helping others, which is something else that also... Makes my day.

Happy Sunday!

PS: All brights, from Acne.



1 comment

AndalusianGirl said...

Estás impresionante con ese vestido. Y estás aún más impresionante tras haber ganado unos kilos. Estás más mujer, más llamativa, fibrada y preciosa.

No busques más la perfección, Clau. Ya la rozas.

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