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Dags för Påsk!

easter egg

When I was a child, my grandmother used to buy an Easter egg for me. Every year. Dark chocolate. Every year. Making that Sunday one of the most waited days. Because, unlike for Xmas... I was certain that I would get something awesome.

My grandmother, Juana. She was born in Paris (as her parents were refugees at the time) and spend some time in France as refugee too, when she was 30 years older and carrying 2 kids. But she didn't care. Widow, single mum in the 40s, not much to eat, always a newspaper to read. Laughed behind the back of the dictator and got a new baby (i.e. my mum) but never ever remarry. She lived with my mum during her entire life. Until I was 10. When she left this world. Leaving not only broken heart, but memorable times, traditions and stories, behind.

She becomes quite present on the Easter Sunday, as my mum kept getting eggs for me... Until I was too far to receive them. Lucky, we spent Easter in Zaragoza - the hometown. 

Somehow, there was a bit of time for everything. This post is not about exotic paradises, just about us. At the end of the day,  simple humans - with a camera in the hand.

pink rose full bloom

My father's roses are unfortunately brighter than his 79-y.o. brain. 13 roses blooming larger than the entire garden downstairs. They represent everything I mean when I say stay active, do more - criticize less. Only when taking care of them, can you see clarity coming out of his eyes. Unlike the confused face in front of that damn TV, way too many hours a day. 

Their beauty, creates a dramatic contraste with his mumbling. The roses, made me think. A lot. On how stupid we all are sometimes, to not differentiate the good from the bad, the health and the harm, the stress and the joy. When it can be so damn obvious, seen from the outside.

baby fingers

Marcos' hand is amazingly cute, tiny yet strong. Last time we saw his mum, she had a tummy. 
10 months man... They went by pretty fast.

baby face

We found a t-shirt in the artisan market of MuelleUno that suited him. Judging by the smile, I think he liked the elephant.

baby in lap

Moving on with the friends' and family rally, we couldn't skip my beloved godfather et al.

walkers and wine

He's got a touch for wine, perfume, glasses and well... All things nice.


We also brought the mums (^_^)  Mine wearing a dress sewn by herself (in chanel-like cloth). 

My mum. Guess I'll never be as kind-hearted but, she will always be a reference, to improve. She embodies everything I wished we all would (in particular, those retired that have more spare time than anyone). Minimalism, big smile, daily exercise (i.e. 1h walk + Pilates), creative time (i.e. clothing for her, me and everyone around), inspirational art (i.e. weekly cinema, concerts and street events). Maybe because I left, or because she met Ana (my mother in-law, also in the picture, partner in crime). Doubtless, the last 10 years were among the best of her life. We were not close most of the time, but we did the most to travel and treasure every minute together, as if it was the last one.


I tried my cousin's Oliver Peoples, just for fun. Maybe because I started to see life, from a new angle.

girl in oliver peoples

...sometimes the most amazing locations, are those right inside the heart.

Påsk is a season for rebirth. After all these shocking events, we are finally settling. I have not cried, a single tear, since I landed in Malaga. Slowly, I am getting the willpower needed, to get my body back - smile's been there since the day I stepped on the Mediterranean sand.

Y vosotros, tenéis algún propósito que cumplir este año?


Anonymous said...

te favorecen mucho las gafas prestadas!!

Clau said...


Es que mi primo no tiene nada malo.

Llevo con gafas desde que tenía 3 años, así que últimamente sólo me decido por modelos un poco diferentes. Quizás para el siguiente cambio vuelva a las formas redondeadas / carey, pero de momento estoy en una etapa negra :P

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