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DesignBoost 09

Dear Claudia,

Please find attached a personal VIP invitation for DesignBoost 2009 - Design for Life, October 14-16 in Malmö Sweden.We offer you to be a full part participant of the event including BoostChat (workshops), BoostTalk (lectures) and a lot of networking opportunities through coffee breakes, lunches, dinners, cocktails and our big party. Everything mentioned is without any cost for you!

Please read the attached invitation and let us know what you think. We have also attached a more in-depth presentation of the theme "Design for Life". We would appreciate an answer within seven days if possible.

All the best

David Carlson and Peer Eriksson
Founders of Designboost

Any story has a beginning and, as many as you know, mine was approximately one year ago, when super kind David decided that my writings were good enough to appear in his AWESOME blog on design, culture and trends. The best moment of the day, the week, the month comes when I observe or figure out something worth to talk about, I rush to get it written, I take my pictures and... POW! It pops up published in David Report.

While I hesitated about getting there - one day vacation, quite a lot of money, my friends leaving that morning, traveling on Tuesday 13th - I finally made up my mind. Booked the cheapest flight, the cheapest room and landed in Malmö in the middle of the night.

Quite a good sit in which I mainly sleep...

...till getting to that frozen central station.

The iPhone app for the public transport in Skåne pointed the bus 7 as the one leaving me closest to the hotel. So I waited in the midst of a frozen twister watching how minutes turned longer and tougher, almost unable to keep my eyes open, more tired and frozen that anytime before.
But it finally came and hey! Left me just beside my crappy hotel.

No man in the lobby. No lobby, by the way. Just a crappy machine where you should insert your credit card, to get a code allowing you to come into both, the hotel and your room - 680553.

Not fancy but extremely warm ;) Actually, I was so tired that I could have slept in the floor!

6 hours later I was awake and ready for the Design Workshops! Guessing where the shower is? In the corridor!! Beside the WC :/

Anyway, I'm in Malmö. The sun shines and discovers to me a beautiful, rather windy city where the University sits a step from the Centralstation and the former David Design Headquarters - founded by the same David, by the way.

Breakfast with a biomimicry-inspired architect who kindly gave us her beautiful visit cards - all of them different with delicate drawings on the back... To support and distribute young designers' work - and someone from the Danish Fashion Industry.

10h of discussion. Fashion, outsourcing, sustainability, brand, media, web, technology, management, credible, cool, responsible, balance, the third, the first and the world we try to save, people, mind, body, society, organic, green-washed, conscious, consumption, habits, addictions, choices, time... Incredibly inspiring, a breeze of fresh air to my corporate days.

Mouth watering organic lunch.

Time for more workshops, until 18:00 when it was time to leave, by bus to Calatrava's A W E S O M E ...Turning Torso!

A long ride back to the city and the dinner at SMAK, a restaurant inside the Malmö Konsthall

Wine, champagne, cocktails, organics... Chat and cool ambient. Till 22:00 when Cinderella left back her F1 room. And here's when the real deal begins. Instead of the bus 7, I took the 6 because it was coming 20' before, what turned out to be a HUGE mistake...

No GPS functioning in my iPhone, picture myself in the middle of nowehere, crossing the roadway once and once again, completely lost, fingers frozen in the cold wind. Desperate, looking for the way, I spotted that McDonald's sign. Exactly the one I recalled to have seen from my window, some hours before. Bingo!! Run towards it... And roughly half an hour later, I was there, back in my warm bed, reporting the adventure ^_^

Fun will never happen unless you travel REALLY cheap :P and all the effort, the coming late and tired the morning after, straight to the office from the plane was more than worth!!

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