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Old to new to cool: Asakusa, Ginza, Roppongi, Naka-meguro

Today we explore the oldest, the newest and the coolest of Tokyo. Depending how early is your start and how much energy you've got for the walk, you can start either from Ueno or from Asakusa.

This map shows the morning route:
  1. Start from Ueno station, visit Ueno koen a park that often feels like a bit of time travel.
  2. Walk towards Kappabashi Dōgugai where local artisans perfect knives and wax models of food, great spot for souvenirs
  3. Continue the way towards Senso-ji - if you visit May, do not miss the Sanja Matsuri the Yakuza-run festival, where huge drums are played while mafia tattoos are honored - the main temple in Tokyo
  4. Streets around Senso-ji are quite crowded, but also amazing for traditional souvenir shopping.
  5. If you feel hungry, engage on the tabearuki aka Japanese art of snackin' on the road.
  6. Alternatively find some lunch in the old style restaurants around or take a quick walk to the Asakusa station for a quick subway ride to Ginza.
  7. Do not miss a chance to take a picture with the Asahi building right on the bridge. You could also keep walking and go up Skytree - but it felt a bit of tourist trap....

(1) Ueno is that old school place we never visited too much. Still the cute swan boats are worthwile...

(2) Kappabashi, where you can find your Japanese knife, some pottery and wax food souvenir

(3) Can't get over these gentlemen... True essence of middle-aged Japanese salaryman.
shopping around Senso-ji
(4) It's common for people to go sightseeing in Kimono.

(5) Old school Japan, old school snacks.

(6) Station entrances are pretty close to the bridge, make sure you get a shot before leaving!
asakusa senso ji
(7) It's meant to look like a beer, correct.

This map shows the afternoon route:
  1. Take a quick look at Ginza's main street, if you feel for shopping I would recommend Itoya for Japanese paper, mizuhiki and other stationery memories.
  2. You can either walk along the main street or just take the subway (Daimon or Hammamatsucho stations are very close), but make sure to arrive to Zojo-ji before 5. This temple has a dark charmwith the Tokyo tower in the background and the overwhelming amount of stone babies.
  3. From there, walk towards Roppongi but make a stop at Don Quijote for crazy knick-knack shopping (if there's one thing worth, that is Country M'am)
  4. Pass Roppongi main crossing, as if you were going to Tokyo Midtown but stop at WAN Petshop for some cuteness overload.
  5. Walk back to the crossing and take the opposite direction, this time towards Roppongi Hills.
  6. If the stores are too expensive for you, it is also possible to visit the top level for some breathtaking views.
  7. Time to jump on Hibiya Line, to Naka-meguro for dinner. If you feel more like having a burger, get off one stop earlier at Ebisu and try either Blacows or Spring Valley Brewery. For nice views and interesting Mexican cuisine, drop by La Hacienda del Cielo

Ginza main street
(1) I can't really find a good daylight shot, maybe because skyscrapers districts are cooler at night. This is Ginza's main street.
Tokyo zojo ji temple
(2) Together with Meiji Jingu and Senjo-ji, this is to me the third "must see" temple in Tokyo.
Don Quijote
(3) This is the Don Quijote in Shinjuku (there are several in town), just to illustrate the little penguin that differentiates Don Quijote from the surroundings.
Baby pet shop in Japan
(4) Cuteness overload at WAN baby petshop.

(5) Amazing views through the humongous windows of Roppongi Hills.

(6) A river lined up with little restaurants and local bars makes Nakameguro the perfect dinner spot.

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